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27. 05. 20

PeoPay KIDS – breakthrough solution of Polish Bank Pekao teaching your children how to manage their money

All parents want their children not to worry about finances in the future. Hence, many of them are doing their best to share basic rules of managing and saving money with their children from an early age. ...

06. 11. 19

Bank Pekao S.A. records double-digit recurring net profit growth in Q3 2019

Consolidated, recurring net income in Q3 2019 – excluding one-off provision linked to the European Court of Justice ruling on cash loans – recorded another quarter of double-digit increase. The reported net income rose in June-September period by more than 8% to PLN 656m in Q3 2019 from PLN 606m in Q3 2018, with an increase in quarterly ROE to 11.7%. ...

08. 10. 19

Report of Bank Pekao S.A. at CEO Summit 2019: “Is Poland ready to grow global champions?”

Over the past decade, Poland has advanced to the world’s top league of exporters. Amid growing structural and geopolitical challenges, maintaining the current pace of expansion will, however, require a joint and concerted effort of companies, the state and the financial sector, according to a report presented by Bank Pekao during the CEO Summit conference. ...

07. 08. 19

Bank Pekao S.A.: double-digit net profit growth supported by strong commercial revenues

Consolidated, recurring net income in Q2 2019 – excluding employment restructuring, the voluntary retirement program costs and the Bank Guarantee Fund (BFG) contributions – increased by 11% y/y thanks to double-digit growth in core commercial revenues as well as continued cost discipline. ...

14. 06. 19

Bank Pekao report: Why will the Polish M&A market be growing more important?

Increasing activity of Private Equity funds will be key to the growth of the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market in Poland. Polish companies face an era of integration with other entities from both Poland and the CEE region. ...

09. 05. 19

Bank Pekao SA: strong growth of operating results supported by the highest growth dynamic in retail banking. Positive impact of ongoing digital transformation on the operational effectiveness of the Bank

Net profit of Bank Pekao in Q1 2019 excluding regulatory charges rose by nearly 14 %, thanks to strong commercial activity in all segments and ongoing cost discipline. Commercial growth was powered by retail banking, which accelerated revenue growth to the highest level in decade Reported net result at PLN 242m was lower due to PLN 200m y/y increase in the Bank Guarantee Fund...

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