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„Strength of the Polish Bison”. Strategic Directions of Bank Pekao SA for 2018-2020.

Now that we are witnessing a stabilization in global growth trends as well as record-high results and perspectives for the Polish economy, Bank Pekao is taking a course towards a smart growth strategy, which shall make the Bank the leader in profitability and efficiency in Poland. Bank Pekao’s goal is to achieve profitability as measured by Return on Equity ratio at the level of 14% - one of the highest in the Polish banking sector. The Bank is also planning to generate over PLN 3B in net profits in 2020 and lower its Cost / Income ratio (C/I) to below 40%. The current capital position of the Bank, allows us to dynamically grow the scale of our business while still maintaining a secure level of capital adequacy ratios and a 100% dividend payout from net profits for 2017 and 2018.

Banks must restlessly adjust to the ever-changing customer expectations, competitive, regulatory and economic landscape, as well as opportunities and challenges posed by new technologies.

Bank Pekao is ready to not only face the approaching changes head-on, but to also meet them halfway. The Bank is entering a new strategic perspective with a very strong position, both in terms of business and finances. Bank Pekao is a leader in retail banking and a champion of corporate banking. Excellent risk management, the highest capital surplus on the market, strong liquidity position and healthy balance sheet constitute a unique blend of factors that provide Bank Pekao with a strong and stable platform to enter the path of growth. The astounding success of the new mobile app – PeoPay, the very first app in Poland with biometrics transaction authorization capabilities – is a testimony of our ability to innovate.

Bank Pekao has also gained powerful partners for growth in a form of new shareholders – PZU and the Polish Development Fund.

We want to be a bank building value for the shareholders with smart growth in the most profitable segments, while retaining discipline in risk management. We remain a universal bank, serving all customer segments – but we want to do it in an even more integrated manner, better leveraging the associated synergies. We strive to build value for the customer through relationships and quality – to always be close to the customers and their needs. Simultaneously we will be an efficient and modern bank – from the perspective of both the customers and employees” – states Michał Krupiński, President of Bank Pekao S.A. Management Board.

This vision for the Bank translates onto well-defined business priorities.


  • Bank Pekao will become the leader of smart growth


Profitable growth is the goal for Bank Pekao. The Bank intends to increase its focus of profitability of relationships even further, especially in the large corporations segment, where Bank Pekao’s market position is already very strong. Focusing on cross-selling the Bank is planning to increase its income per customer by 30%-40% for large corporations and by 35% for SMEs.

Significant growth in loan volume and new customer acquisition is planned for the most profitable segments / products, where the Bank has not yet fully exploited its potential (e.g. cash loan, Micro and SME). In the Micro segment, it is Bank Pekao’s ambition to achieve a 3-fold increase in customer growth, and a 2-fold one in SME.

We are setting ourselves ambitious, yet realistic goals – which is proven with the results achieved by the Bank in the recent months.

In the individual customer segment, Bank Pekao intends to double its current account growth, thanks to brand new product offer, outstanding quality and comfort in everyday banking. It is the Bank’s desire to fully exploit its customer base’s potential using advanced CRM analytics and Big Data-powered behavioural segmentation. Equipped with a better understanding of customer needs, Bank Pekao wants to increase the penetration for PEX by 50% and by 100% for bancassurance. We will continue to develop the functionalities of remote channels, however the network of branches will still remain a sales and advisory channel of paramount importance.

The Bank intends to dynamically increase its share in Micro and SME segments due to accessibility, attractive offering as well as efficient and fast processes. The credit processes will be enhanced, which will result in a shorter decision time. We will enrich the offering available via e-banking platforms and provide access to a range of value added services.

Bank Pekao shall also strengthen its leading position in corporate banking via relationship development and unique know-how. The Bank intends to deliver complex investment banking products for the Polish companies, until now reserved only for the largest corporations, as well as to support Polish companies in expansion of their international businesses.

The Bank also plans to take even greater advantage of synergies resulting from the large scale of business across all customer segments, as well as opportunities provided by cooperation with PZU and the Polish Development Fund.


  • Bank Pekao will be an expert in efficiency and quality

The Bank intends to focus on three areas of efficiency and quality - commercial, cost and service.

Bank Pekao wants to increase the commercial efficiency of the sales network to fully utilize its potential of nearly 900 branches - one of the largest in the market - and long-standing relationships with clients fostered by the Bank’s employees. For this purpose, it is planned to optimise sales processes, so that employees can focus on creating value for customers and the Bank.

The goal of Bank Pekao is also to increase cost efficiency through centralization, process simplification and the use of new technologies (digitization, Robotic Process Automation).

The Bank will provide its customers with outstanding quality of service, focusing first on those processes and products that are key to customer satisfaction and strategy implementation.


  • Bank Pekao will remain an expert in integrated risk management

Bank Pekao intends to grow dynamically, but also safely - in order to meet both of these conditions, the key factor is further efficient risk management.

The Bank will focus on the development of the Modelling and Risk Management areas, which will allow for reduction in operational effort and optimised assessment of clients’ risk profiles. Pekao is also committed to effective credit processes – this will allow us to effectively acquire new business and ensure high customer satisfaction.

By the end of 2020, the Bank also wants to implement the Internal ratings-based approach, which will enable capital optimization and will positively impact further growth potential and return on capital in the long run.


  • Bank Pekao will be the employer of the best

Even with the best product offer, the most efficient processes and the largest customer base, the bank is nothing without the people who drive it. The area of human resources will be crucial to the success of the strategy - hence Bank Pekao is committed to develop the competences and effective cooperation of its personnel.

To attract the most competent employees, the Bank wants to become an employer of first choice, offering employees unique experiences - ambitious challenges, innovative projects. Bank Pekao also intends to engage more closely in initiatives that bring together people/entities from areas crucial to the Bank’s development (innovation, technology).

Bank Pekao wants to continue offering competitive remuneration, strongly linking it with achieved results.

Bank Pekao has clearly defined objectives and priorities, as well as precise plans to achieve them. The first results of the undertaken actions confirm the viability of the chosen directions and the experienced management and personnel is the guarantee of effective implementation of the strategy” – adds Michał Krupiński, President of Bank Pekao S.A. Management Board.




Bank Pekao SA operates for 88 years and is one of the largest financial institutions in Central and Eastern Europe. In terms of capital strength measured as capital adequacy ratio, Bank Pekao is a leader among large banks operating in Poland and one of the safest banks at the Pan-European level (Pekao Core Tier 1 ratio at the end of the  third quarter of  2017 is at the level of 16.5%). 


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